Coronavirus information for sheep sales

Updated 3.6.20 1.20pm





Store stock to be sold through the ring at special weekly sales.  Please see our catalogues tab for details.

We have received government and DEFRA guidance that as an essential link in the food supply chain livestock markets can operate under strict operation rules. If we are to keep the livestock markets open then these measures must be strictly adhered to. It is this way or no way. If you are not happy to adhere to the following operating procedures please do not come.

It is essential that we protect all of our staff, vendors and buyers and provide a safe environment in which to operate.

Hereford Livestock Market will operate under the following “Drop and Go” procedure WITH NO EXCEPTIONS:

PLEASE NOTE: That for the week commencing 27th April 2020 there will be NO sale of baby calves on Wednesdays and there will be NO sale of Pigs on Thursdays. This will be reviewed from week to week. Apologies for the inconvenience but we are following LAA guidance.


All vendors should arrive at market with their sheep before 9.30am and all stock on Wednesdays will be penned on arrival. 

We are open from 6.15am.

Tel: 01432 761882      or

  1. ALL vendors MUST remain in the loading area. Vendors must reverse on to the loading bays and unload their stock into the loading pen, then pass the paperwork to our drovers – we require the top two copies (white and pink), please separate these before you arrive.
  2. Once your trailer has been unloaded, VENDORS MUST LEAVE THE MARKET PREMISES. This rule must be strictly obeyed otherwise operations will be brought to a standstill. Any instructions can be left with the auctioneer when you enter your stock.
  3. Vendors’ prime hoggetts and lambs will be graded, sorted, weighed and penned in the usual way. Cull ewes will be penned as usual.
  4. Please make sure that there is a contactable telephone number on the licence, preferably a mobile and landline and email address if available so that we can contact you in due course with a report of the prices achieved.
  5. There will be no market canteen.

We understand that ideally vendors will want to see their stock graded and weighed, but under the circumstances we cannot allow this to happen. This is the ONLY way we can operate in order to mitigate the spread of this virus, protect all concerned and adhere to government guidelines. The alternative is that markets will shut completely. This alternative will ultimately prove to be a very bleak prospect for vendors and create an environment where there is no market competition, which will lead to a severe depression in the price of the commodity.

We are truly sorry for the authoritarian regulations, but the more that adhere to this simple procedure the easier and longer we will be able to operate and provide a competitive market place for your stock. 


  1. ALL BUYERS MUST register their intent of attending the market with the auctioneer PRIOR to attending the market. Any buyer just turning up without prior warning will be told to leave the premises immediately.
  2. Any buyer showing the symptoms of the virus must not attend.
  3. During the auction all buyers MUST wear gloves. Please bring your own if possible as supplies are very short.
  4. All buyers must keep a distance of 2 metres apart from any other person at all times whilst they are in attendance at the market and practice all the health advice given.
  5. At the end of the sale, buyers will not be allowed into the market office and must communicate their invoicing instructions to our clerical staff through the office window. This will be done one at a time whilst still maintaining the social distancing rule of 2 metres.
  6. Buyers will be asked to sanitise their hands before and after the sale.

These are unprecedented times and we thank you for your cooperation in advance. We need to work together to get through these next few months the safest way we can, so we can hopefully return to a period of normality.

Again, if you are not content to abide by these rules, then please do not come.

Any queries please contact: 01432 761 882