Face Masks at Hereford Market

The Livestock Auctioneers Association have issued the following guidance to its members:

“It is the LAA’s recommendation that members ask their customers and staff to wear face coverings at all time whilst in the market.”

We will be implementing this policy at all of our livestock markets effective immediately.

We have a very busy autumn sales programme and it is essential that we take every precaution available to ensure we keep trading through this period.
We hope you understand the measures we are taking. Your continued cooperation is very much appreciated.

Notice to Vendors of Store Lambs

We are having increased incidence of C.Ovis being reported by abattoirs when slaughtering lambs. This condition in the carcase of lambs is caused by worms from dogs which can lead to the carcass being 100% condemned.

Most farm dogs are correctly wormed, but please make certain that your worming programme is up to date and be aware that most incidences of C.Ovis arise from land with public access, footpaths or common land where dogs roam. Unauthorised dog-walking on your land can cause problems – please be aware.

 We have been asked to point this out by purchasers of store lambs as it is becoming a far more regular occurrence.


Licencing and ear tags


Eartags and holding numbers – please note that it is essential that the correct holding numbers are entered onto the licence of sheep coming in to the market and also for those sheep moving out. For those with multiple holding numbers the correct ones must be used not merely the main holding number if it is not relevant to that movement.

Please note that Hereford Market Auctioneers Ltd take no responsibility whatsoever for holding numbers on licences whether in or out of the market, or notifications to A.R.A.M.S.

Changes to Sheep Tagging

** Updated 27th October 2015 **

All sheep born on or after 1st January 2015 have to be tagged with one electronic slaughter tag if going to slaughter or to a store market for further finishing. If intended to be kept for or sold as breeding stock they will need to be FULL EID tagged as has been the requirement since 1st January 2010.

HISTORIC FLOCK (the sheep born before 1st January 2010 which have been kept as breeding stock) – when these come to be moved/sold either as breeding stock or as cull ewes they will NEED TO BE RE-TAGGED WITH FULL EID (electronic and same manual number).

CULL EWES – ALL cull ewes and cull rams must have FULL EID TAGS to be sold in Hereford Market.

Hereford Market Auctioneers will not be able to accept sheep for sale which are not tagged correctly. Always have taggers and spare tags available in your vehicle.

Please note: Hereford Market Auctioneers Ltd will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies in the reading of any EID or manual sheep ear tags. Read more Changes to Sheep Tagging

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