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Every sheep in the market must be electronically tagged. All sheep born on or after 1st January 2015 have to be tagged with one electronic slaughter tag if going to slaughter or to a store market for further finishing. If intended to be kept for or sold as breeding stock they will need to be FULL EID tagged as has been the requirement since 1st January 2010. HISTORIC FLOCK (the sheep born before 1st January 2010 which have been kept as breeding stock) – when these come to be moved/sold either as breeding stock or as cull ewes they will NEED TO BE RE-TAGGED WITH FULL EID (electronic and same manual number). CULL EWES – ALL cull ewes and cull rams must have FULL EID TAGS to be sold in Hereford Market.


Prime Lambs/Hoggs - 9.30am
Cull ewes - 11.00am
Store Sheep –from 11.00am
Rearing Calves - 10.30am
Store Cattle (First and Third Thursdays) - 11.00am
Please call the office to check exact dates for cattle sales.
Every Wednesday, sales of: Store and Prime Lambs/Hoggs ~ Cull and Breeding Ewes
NB. Pig sales are cancelled until further notice.